New keyboard causes beeping noises from my PC.

I recently bought a cheap keyboard with a mouse included in the package.The brand is A4 Tech or something.I removed the old keyboard, put the new one and turned on the PC.However, after my PC turned on, it made several beeps and after that asked me to choose Win 7 from list of OS's.Besides that, when I entered a field for typing, my keyboard was automatically typing the number 3 without stopping.The problem was solved after I pressed a random button.However, the problem with the beeps happens every time after I turn on the PC.I replaced the keyboard with my old one the beeps were gone, which means that the problem is from the new keyboard and not my PC.Any idea why this happens and if it normal for cheap keyboards?Thank you.
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  1. Will anyone anwser?I must know whether the problem is from my PC, or just the keyboard is unreliable.Thank you.
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