Overclocking AMD phenom II X6 1055T


So I was planning on overclocking (completely new) and I was looking at youtube for people with overlocking vids of the same CPU.

system specs: asrock 870 extreme3, phenom x6 1055t, 6 gigs of hyperx 1600mhz(CL9,1.6v), 6950 twin frozr, psu 650 watt corsair TX.

I found this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FMpEiV69U4
I tried the settings he uses but i get bluescreens once my load reaches 100% (linx). I read somewhere that most bsod are related to memory. I am at loss here what my memory settings should be.

Since the person in the vid has 1333 memory he uses different settings. I tried 9-9-9-25 with 1.65 volts. But i am thinking there is something wrong there.

EDIT: here are some screenshots/pic to go along with this post:
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  1. How high are you attempting to overclock? What cooler? Additionally your MB isn't the best for overclocking.


    The reviewer above was only able to take a 1095t to 3.8 on your board. With your CPU and MB 3.5 is probably a realistic goal and potentially a good 24/7 level of OC. I kept my x6 @ 3.7 24/7 with a 212 EVO and a ASUS 970 MB.
  2. I was thinking of around 3.5 seeing this would be more realistic then in the linked video. I have a mugen 2 rev B.

    Also found this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1tCqg3uDjQ He goes up to 3.4 but using the same settings i get freezes.

    Setting my ram to 9 9 9 25 is correct right?
    Also the provided screenshots from the bios are 3.8 overclock wich I was just trying out. And the cpu-z is my stock.
  3. Have you tried just leaving the RAM on auto? There are certainly people in this forum who know more about OC than I do, but I've found that I've achieved my highest overclocks with lowering ram frequencies. My RAM is HyperX 1600 as well and lowered it to 1333 or 1000 for the system to be stable. OC'ing my RAM always lead to instability.

    I think 9 9 9 25 is what I've used previously but every time I played with timing my PC would crash under stress. Have you ran memtest?
  4. You MB over your processor is likely going to be what limits your OC. Run a few benches and find the sweet spot for your components. My scores were better at 3.6 vs 3.7+.
  5. Yeah on the 3.4 setup i tried to leave it on auto wich would freeze my system as soon as I tried to run lynx. (ram was at 1305) Lowering might do the trick i'll try this later. Or do you mean leaving my timing at what it is standard? (7 7 7 20)

    I ran memtest before to see if everything was fine with my memory and nothing showed up.
  6. 7 7 7 20 is a bit of an overclock for these sticks. Might want to try 8 7 7 24, I think stock is 9 9 9 21.
  7. bjaminnyc said:
    7 7 7 20 is a bit of an overclock for these sticks. Might want to try 8 7 7 24, I think stock is 9 9 9 21.

    I never oc before so I don't know why it's on 7 7 7 20. Should i leave it like that if it's working?

    Cpu is on 3 from the turbo ucc nothing else so don't know why ram is ocd like that.
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