Slow boot up on SSD. Changing boot order to optical drives speeds up the boot up? Reformat or not?

Hey guys,

I notice that many of my programs are running slower than normal now. Normally I would just do a full reformat but this is my first time using a SSD and I've heard that must of the time with SSD a full reformat is uncessary. Is this the case or should I just reformat my system? I'm using a 120gb ssd which contains my operating system and starcraft 2 and a 1tb hard drive for everything else. Previously sc2 used to load quickly but now it takes a substantial amount of time to load. I also noticed that the computer is taking a much longer time than it used to during start-up which is strange considering the SSD. What do you guys think is the best bet? If you want comp specs they can easily be posted.
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  1. What model SSD?
    How much free space does the SSD have?
    Are all partitions on 1MB boundaries?
    Does it have any Extended partitions or a non-'MS-DOS' MBR? (Such as GPT, etc.).
    Is it encrypted in any way?
    Do you have any real-time anti-virus software enabled?
  2. Hey,

    The model is OCZ-VERTEX3 and it has 25gb out of 120gb free.
    I didnt know to set anything on the partition or encrypt it so whatever the default is that is what it is set at.
    I have no real time anti virus software running.

  3. What anti virus are you using?
  4. I use avg
  5. Hmm I was going to reformat and changed my boot order to disc drive but then was taking a sip of water and didnt hit a key in time. For some reason now windows booted quickly again and seemed to run much better when the boot order was changed. Now I'm confused! Can anyone help me figure this out or should I just reformat?
  6. That's strange, I used to have a perfectly functional SSD until my power supply started dying.
    I got a new PS and put my SSD back.

    Now I got the same issue as you, everything is very slow, bootup takes about 10 times the normal time it should, and my SSD is not showing up in Windows.

    Then I boot from a Windows XP CD, and instead of booting from the CD(I wanted to format my SSD, which is not System BTW), Windows boots normally...and by that, I mean at normal speed, really fast!

    Now I'm in Windows, and ever since it's on, the LED indicating hard drive at work has been on non-stop. I checked the Processes in Task Manager and the CPU is definitely not doing any specific work, yet the LED won't stop and I can hear my other HDDs constantly at work.

    I just want to format the SSD now and make sure it doesn't hinder my comp anymore. I don't want to take it off as warranty is probably void by now.
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