Amd 750k cheap gaming for my son.

Hi guys I've read a lot of threads on the forum and I've decided to try and build a pc for my son for xmas,

My budget is relatively small, and by relatively I mean tiny lol.

So far I've priced up the m/b case processor and memory wtih power supply. It comes in at 165 pounds.

Processor is amd 750k
fm2 mb
black dragon 4gb 1600 mhz memory.
Cheap case and generic power supply.
the drives i already have laying about from old pc's.
I've seen an amd 7850 for just over a hundred quid. so all told the build will cost about 260 pounds.
I suppose my the advise i'm looking for is is this decent enough to play new games at high settings 720p.

Bearing in my mind this is my first build is there anything i've missed. Or can you guys point me in the direction of something better for the same sort of money ?

Ty you in advance Jx. :)
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  1. Marcopolo123 said:

    ty for the links marco. the 7850 for 110 looks like a good deal.
    As for the psu. is the overclockers one not upto running a 7850 7870 depending on which way i go ?
  2. dont know which psu you mean... do you mean the psu which comes with the case ?
  3. yh the one i get with the case is 500 w overclockers branded i think. but I'm hoping thats good enough for 7850/7870, otherwise i'd be stuck. 30 quid or so for a new psu would have to come out of the money for graphics card, so if i bought cheaper graphics card i wouldn't need a different psu anyay, catch 22 lol.
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