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I'm looking for a SSD to only put my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on. Can anyone recommend some good ones that will fit the OS. Also, the SSD the OS is currently on is going to be used only for my flight simulator so I need to remove the OS from it. Can I just remove the OS and leave everything else on the drive or am I going to have to format the drive and re-install everything on it?
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    For a boot SSD, I always recommend 128GB minimum.

    How large is the existing SSD? Yes, you can remove the Windows install from it, but you'll still be left with the original System Reserved partition, with the boot info.

    I'd recommend blowing away all partitions on that drive, and reinstall everything. You'll have to reinstall your applications anyway for the new OS on the new SSD to recognize everything.
  2. The existing SSD is 256 GB but some of the flight simulator add-ons can get pretty large which is why I want to have the whole 256 GB not just 200 GB. Are there some SSD's that you would recommend over others?
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