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Seidon 240M replacement fans SP or Air flow?

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November 3, 2013 9:09:00 AM

Hello, I'm posting here, because i belive tomshardware is an aproperiate site to ask a competent question. I own a haf xb case with seidon 240m in push pull configuration and i would like to replace the fans from stock into some quieter and better performing fans. And here is where my question appears: what kind of fans should I use? SP or airflow? Cm's radiator is quite thin and got around 26 fins per inch. I assume push-pull config keeps the airflow the seame, but doubles static pressure am I right? So I would like to go with Noctua NF-S12A. I think i would take more advantage of highier air flow on this rad, but is the sp of 2 of theese enough to make it thru ?

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November 3, 2013 9:13:35 AM

Noctua S series fans are NOT good for restricted rads at all(they are good intake and exhaust fans for cases with non restrictive grilles). The p12s and F12s are fine.

Have you tried to reduce the speeds of the stock fans to make it more quiet?

Also push pull does not actually double static pressure as far as I know.

Corsairs SP fans are also well reviewed as well as the Gentle Typhoon's if you can get them in your location, they are considered to be the top end fans for rads.
November 3, 2013 9:42:58 AM

Yes, I've reduced the speed with Speedfan, but with highier overclocks on full load the rig gets quite noisy. Second think is I don't want it to get too hot. On standard fans, tems can get to high 80's @4.5 ghz with my 3770k. And I belive this particular rad doesn't requie as high sp, cause it isn't much of an obsticle to the air, especially in push pull config.

Sorry for my mistake, I did not mean it doubles the SP, just makes the rad less SP demanding from the fan, because on the other side is a buddy that will prevent the air from leaking and will suck it thru the fins.

Any checked ones from somebody who actually replaced the stock fans in this seidon? Didn't the cooling performance drop after replacing for sp fans?

Sorry for my language, but it's pretty hard to express my thoughts in such a poor vocabluary that i own ;D
November 3, 2013 9:59:49 AM

Your language is just fine.

I replaced my H80i fans with NF P12's I do not think I gained anything temperature wise, but it was much more quiet(I control them with my board because they are 3 pin fans).

I also have 2 s12s I have not tested with S12s because they are my case fans. But I may try them in the future, but my guess is they will do worse(I always found CoolerMaster's Blade Master fans to be quite powerful, but a bit loud.).

H80i tests with NF P12's and a P14 because I figure it would cool the voltage regulators with the overhang. All in one coolers DO let the voltage regulators get hotter than most air coolers.

CPU 2600k @ 4.4 ~1.25 volts. Fan speeds FULL.

Room 21c 2x NF P12
Core 1 52 - 21 = 31
Core 2 56 - 21 = 35
Core 3 58 - 21 = 37
Core 4 57 - 21 = 36
Package 57 - 21 = 36

Room 22c NF P12 + NF P14
Core 1 54 - 22 = 32
Core 2 57 - 22 = 35
Core 3 59 - 22 = 37
Core 4 58 - 22 = 36
Package 58 - 22 = 36

Pull only
Room 21c Single NF P12
Core 1 57 - 21 = 36
Core 1 59 - 21 = 38
Core 1 61 - 21 = 40
Core 1 60 - 21 = 39
Package 60 - 21 = 39

Your cooler should be better than mine too.