How should I upgrade my Asus laptop for speed?

I bought this computer because mine crapped out on me for the 2nd time in 2 months:

My previous computer was this:

I got the new laptop at such a cheap price, but I can't use this thing with it going this slowly. I would like to achieve the same speeds or better than my old laptop.

Suggestions that I've seen are to upgrade hard drive to a hybrid drive with a SSD flash and a HHD backup. Unfortunately the link that I saw for this was dead and I haven't been able to find a brand that fits this criteria. The hybrids that I've seen seem to claim to perform like a SSD but they aren't SSD's in any way.

The other upgrade that I've seen is to upgrade the RAM to 8GB (as 16GB won't do me much good).

Is there anything else that I can do? Does anyone have a link for the type of drive that I'm looking for? Will these upgrades speed up my laptop significantly? Will it be as fast as my old cpu? I have about $100-$200 that I can spend, but obviously the less the better, this thing is just too much of a piece to use in its current state.
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  1. You were probably better off with your previous computer.
  2. Don't spend anymore as they are try to "rob" you. Just clean,maintain computer.
  3. I don't think that I'm better off with a cpu that's crapped out on me twice in 2 months unless it can be fixed and doesn't keep giving me problems.

    I also don't particularly understand your 2nd comment either as it wasn't constructed as a proper English sentence. Who is trying to rob me? The random people on message boards including the ones here with nothing to gain monetarily that have suggested upgrades for CPU speed? My cpu is too slow for me on arrival, cleaning and maintaining it aren't going to help (with the exception of removing bloatware).

    Does anyone have any constructive ideas to add to the thread?
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    I'm just saying don't waste money.Just clean and maintain your computer.
    According to this chart you laptops are more or less the same. This is just measuring the cpu though.
  5. That was very helpful, thank you. Hopefully we can get some more ideas in here. It seems that my current processor has half the processing power of my previous. No wonder I can't stand this thing. I haven't seen any points on how upgrading my cpu constitutes wasting money, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, until it becomes fact based on evidence.

    My other ideas (I'm still open to suggestion) are returning my cpu to frys electronics and saying that it's too slow/freezes way too much for a new cpu so that I don't have to pay the restocking fee (even if I do it's only $37) and buying one of these 2 cpus

    Closest to my price range but still too slow:

    Out of my price range but I could make some sacrifices:
  6. What is your budget? Maybe i can find one you might like.
  7. I doubt you can increase speed. If the new one is the E2-1800 it's a 1.7 Ghz dual core, extremely slow and locked, not much you can do to increase speed. Othern than the hybrid HDD/SSD option I don't see any other option other than returning it if that's at all possible.
  8. Between $250-400 is ideal and under $500 is preferable, thank you.
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