How come my Radeon 7750 is always on 90% GPU load and wont reduce its frequencies even in idle ?

Hello, I have a Saphire Radeon 7750 1GB GDDR5 running at 800 MhZ and apparently for a week now it starts lagging me in games. I found out about it when i started playing Company of Heroes on Steam and used FRAPS.
My friends told me i lag and then even i saw how i lag, i continued then the game said " My graphics and audio settings are too high and are lagging the game" but that can't be as since now i had up to 80 FPS and played with every graphic option set to low. I downloaded GPU-Z and checked the sensors and i saw that the video card is at about 75 Degrees celsius, the fan speed didn't change, 89% GPU load and the frequencies where maxed but i was just on desktop.
I tried re installing the drivers, and then the frequencies started changing again, so did the fan speed, then i enter a game again, and then the GPU is at 90% load on desktop again, restarting the PC didn't help either. I checked the card itself it didn't have dust on it, or any fan issues, afteral its just 1 month old.

I did have an error when i tried re-installing the driver, Windows 7 said " AMD External driver module has stopped working" or something similar, but i didn't really took notice of it.
I am thinking of re installing the windows itself because i don't really have any other ideas what to do with the graphics card.

Any Ideas ?

By the way my hardware specs are as follows:

MSI A55M P33 Motherboard
Amd Athlon II 740 CPU
Zeppelin 1333 MhZ 4GB Memory
Saphire Radeon 7750 1GB GDDR5 video card
Seagate pipeline HD 1TB running at 5900 RPM


this is my video card just after i re installed the graphics drivers and am on desktop with a movie running in the background:

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  1. I would run some scans with programs like malwarebytes to ensure you do not have a bitcoin mining or other bot on your system.

    At idle, the system should not be doing anything even close to that.

    Also check the task manager for anything that should NOT be running with the system.
  2. ^+1.

  3. I checked for malware and the software did found some problems but after removal things didn't really change. I looked for it and found about the "Process Explorer" and figured that it was actually atidxx.exe that used it, something for the AMD hotkey poller, that used 90% of my GPU, i closed it and disabled the service itself, now the GPU is not being stressed although the fan speed is only at 6% and the temperature is at 46 now which i don't think is too good.
    Thank you very much for your help, if you wouldn't have told me about possible malware i wouldn't have gotten here.
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    Better report that issue to AMD. If you are using the latest drivers the feedback forum is here

    Seems in an attempt to use the video card for that feature they must have messed up.
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