Very low fps with GTX 560 Ti... What could be wrong?

Howdy :) my name is Chase and my main game I center around is World of Warcraft and I recently upgraded from my *craptop* computer to a desktop gaming rig.... only thing being is that the game's fps has actually worsened for me. I went from:

AMD A8-4500M Quad Core Processor
AMD Radeon 7640G Graphics Card


8 GB Kingston RAM
Gigabyte motherboard
GTX 560 Ti 1GB Dedicated Video Card
AMD Phenom X II Quad Core ~ Liquid Cooled

just to see a decrease in framerate... overall. The laptop was able to handle almost 30+ fps at all times, including hardcore 40 man Alterac Valleys and 25 man raiding environments. The new rig (with the GTX 560 Ti) can barely weasel out 20 fps on a good day raiding wise. New computer has a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate and fresh drivers for the card/processor as well. Old laptop has Windows 8 with fully updated drivers as well. I was wondering... what's going on?

Edit:! Sorry, I forgot to include the PSU... laptop has a standard 300W PSU while the desktop pumps out a 650W Corsair PSU.
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  1. Few things.
    Firstly, WoW is a bugger to benchmark for a few reasons. It's full of people doing random stuff, nothing is ever very consistent, and pretty much everyone runs it with an ungodly amount of mods which skew things pretty badly.
    Secondly, are you sure you are comparing the same things? WoW on your old laptop vs WoW on your new computer might seem like the same thing, but if they are at different resolutions and settings, it's not going to give you a fair comparison.
    Having said that, 20fps does seem very poor for a 560Ti, regardless of anything else, its an old card but its still pretty reasonable. You should definitely check the temperatures on your CPU and graphics card while gaming. Also, trying to see if your PC underperforms in a different game might help to narrow down the issue.
  2. Ahh yes I did have that information available to me as well, I apologize :) The 7640G runs about 50C while under full gaming load on Medium graphics settings while the Ti sits at about 39C on medium~high. I did a side by side game comparison to Planetside 2. Under almost completely maxed out settings the 7640G gets completely destroyed sitting at around 3 fps. The Ti however.... sits at about 7.

    Wow Resolution from the laptop are 1440x1100 and the desktop sits at 1600x1280. The resolution doesn't differ too much.... but it definitely doesn't show in the fps.
  3. Planetside is perhaps not a great example either. Unless they fixed it, it always used to hate AMD processors.
    Unusual resolutions btw, but thankfully the desktop one is more or less 1080P so it makes it easier to get a vibe for that.
    Have you checked your CPU load/temps?
  4. To be completely honest with you, that's about all the games I've attempted so far... I may have just picked the wrong ones to face off x) I do of course! At absolute full load the AMD A8 Processor runs about 80C (ouch) and that's under a stock fan at 81% load per core... and the Phenom runs about 66C with liquid coolant under 41% load per core. I did reattempt WoW with the GTX Ti to see if other unnecessary graphics were enabled (like 16x Filter) and reduced them all to the other settings for better side-by-side. Oddly enough... it reduced the framerate even further to roughly 7 fps idling everywhere.
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    66degrees is pretty hot if you have a proper liquid cooling setup, though perfectly within safe range. And if its not getting near 100% load then its unlikely to be that.
    Obviously things like shadows/fancy graphics options/addons are going to hurt fps, but it does seem very extreme.
    Haven't played WoW in years but when I did nearly every "ahh my framerate is terrible" was down to addons. I assume that on/around patch days when all the addons break, the same thing still happens.

    I'll be honest, I'm running out of suggestions, its a pretty unusual issue to have on a newer machine unless something is going severely wrong.
  6. Be sure to check your Nvidia control panel settings for something that may be killing your performance (AA, Ambient Occlusion) and install the latest drivers off the Nvidia website. WoW really likes Nvidia cards, so you should be running pretty well on your setup.
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