Is it safe to drop voltage on CPU?

I've got an AMD FX-8350 at stock settings except for my voltage. I'm trying to reduce heat and to do that I'm trying to lower the voltage. I've got it down from 1.3 to 1.275 and prime95 is showing stable after 15 minutes. Is it safe to go lower or will that kill the lifespan?
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  1. If anything that will increase the life span because of the reduced wear. Just make sure you dont go so low that the processor is unstable
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    Dropping is fine :)

    I have been running my i5 750 under volted for years(1.04 prime95 stable and 0.8 idle , but it jumps to 1.2-1.216 for anything that uses "turbo" because I have no control over turbo voltage on my board[bit of a shame].).

    When you get too low it will blue screen and you know you need to to back up a bit and try an extended test.

    Also be careful as sometimes you can drop it too low that the idle states crash.
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