Question: Microphone + Headphones vs. Headset

I already own a fairly nice pair of headphones (comfortable and high sound fidelity). I want to be able to use a microphone for games such as Battlefield 4 (assuming they make it playable soon) Also, I occasionally Skype with buddies when playing games such as League of Legends.

So, for this usage would it be ok to just buy a microphone instead of getting a headset? If I do get a headset I would want it to be nice and have roughly the same sound quality as my current headphones. This would likely mean spending over $200 which I prefer not to. I have never had a stand alone microphone so I have no idea how well it works.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions on a good microphone set-up/product please let me know. Would I be better off getting a stand-up microphone, clip-on microphone, etc. Any guidance on possible drawbacks for going with a microphone would also be appreciated.


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  1. You could just get a desk mic. Or something like this
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    you can attach a boom mic to your favorite high end headphones...

    or get a good quality clip on or desktop microphone. your choice.


    i see no point in spending $200+ when you dont have to as you already have good drivers (in the headset) but just lack a mic. it would be far easier and cheaper to find another solution such as we listed above.


    desk mic
    -best quality of the three.
    -may not work for extremely loud areas and placement matters.
    -more expensive and reasonable quality.
    -no annoying wire hanging from your head

    clip on mic
    -average quality
    -may be slightly irritating to wear
    -easeier to pick up on your voice in loud areas but still limited by your placement options
    -reasonably inexpensive

    -average quality
    -comfortable as a headset but mic is removable when you dont want it
    -easiest to pick up your voice in a loud environment since its right in front of your mouth
    -fairly cheap

    i'm actually very intrigued myself about the modmic or similar products. great idea for those of us with high quality headphones that lack mics.

    since i game primarily on my home system which has theater speakers i wouldnt be wearing a headset so a quality desk mic would suit me more.
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