CPU running 50C at idle...Im worried

I have recently updated my build by gutting a 1 year old Alienware x51 with i7 2600 onto a new MSI Z77A-G43 mother board. Boot up is fine but the upon BIOS launch the CPU fan kicks into overdrive and stays that way. Even running idle the fan is comparable to jet turbine and running speed fan states the CPU temp at 49C-50C which is a lot higher than I was expecting. I have not even tried to run anything more demanding than google chrome but the diagnostics report the CPU is fine and not in danger. I would like very much to not buy a new CPU but I fear that something is wrong internally that I am not able to diagnose. Any suggestions?
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  1. Are you using an aftermarket cooler?

    Did you clean off and reapply thermal paste?

    The CPU and mobo are both LGA 1155 so no compatibility issues there.
  2. Please ensure that power savings options are also on as they lower the idle temperatures by lowering idle clock speeds.

    I would like to see a picture of the inside of your system to see how the cooler looks and all that good stuff.
  3. Hi,

    Did you reapply thermal paste, that's probably your problem if you changed the CPU.
  4. Thermal paste is probably the next step I should do, as I did not reapply any after doing the MoBo switch and the heatsink and stock cooler fan from the original setup are working fine (too well in fact, nothing impeding this fan rotation). MoBo setup is clean with no obstructing cables and the 2 fans from the case (Corsair Carbide 200r) working well. The PSU wouldnt affect anything should it? Antec 630W is ample enough but I think its throwing too much juice at the MoBo.
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    The power supply does not push power that is not requested. You can run a 30 watt system on a 1200 watt power supply(the efficiency may suck, but it will work).

    Not cleaning and using new thermal paste is your issue for sure. You should never(not saying you can not get away with it sometimes) reuse thermal paste.
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