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How to partition for GPT Windows Installation?

Hi there,

I have a Windows 7 notebook since last year that came with an optional upgrade to Windows 8 Pro that I didn't try to install until yesterday. When I downloaded the update from Microsoft site and tried to install it, got the error message after a few minutes "Impossible to complete installation, reverting to the state before installation". I then decided to make the ISO file and burn it to a DVD as offered by the install wizard. I booted from it and still no luck installing it. Then I've read about Gparted and downloaded it, burned to a CD, booted from it and tried a few things with always the same install error when booting from Windows 8 upgrade DVD that tells me "Impossible to install Windows on this GPT partition". I thougth maybe deleting all partitions on the drive and formatting it to a single NTFS filesystem would help me, but it didn't!

I wanted to install it as MBR and not GPT until I realized that my notebook bios is blocked on UEFI and doesn't allow to disable it to install as MBR.

Now I'd like to repartition my HDD as GPT and am beginning to be a little desperated since it's been about 8 hours I'm trying things to install Windows 8 :( I even think I'll have to install Windows 7 before upgrading to 8 and then 8.1, so I'm not out there with my working Windows 8.1 until a while!

I have 2 hdds in my Asus N76vz notebook, one that is now completely formatted and another 500gb one(the second one) that have a 25gb recovery partition for the OEM OS and one more empty partition with the rest. I had a re overy partition on the first HDD too but I deleted it since I wanted to try completely formatting that hdd and saw I had the recovery on the second HDD too, but now I'm so lost I don't even get how I could recover the OEM OS.

I have a windows 7 full installation disc(not a backup/upgrade/recovery) that I can use but it doesn't neither let me install a fresh copy of Windows on whatsoever partition even after I Delete or Format a partition in the Windows Boot Installer Wizard. Still telling me that I can't install cause of GPT partition blah blah...

Please help me :(
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    "Now I'd like to repartition my HDD as GPT"

    No problem, you can do that pretty easily if you can boot from any installer disk and get to a command prompt. Then you will use diskpart commands to clean the drive and format as a GPT drive. HERE is a concise step by step to do it.
  2. i have same error as manix, but cannot get to command prompt. :(
  3. If you boot from a Windows installer disk, there are a number of selections, one of which is a command prompt. If you don't have an installer disk, you can download one from Digital River.

    I suggest that you create a new post with details of your system and OS install and what you want to accomplish. Old posts get little traffic.
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