what video card is compatible with my motherboard

im looking for a fairly good video card at a good price, but i do not know how to check the compatibility of it. I will be using my computer for playing games and watching movies. I'm new at this so could you explain how to check compatibilty? Also, could you suggest a power supply? thanx. my specs are:
cpu- amd fx-6300 vishera 3.5Ghz
Mobo- asus m5a97 r2.0 sata 6gb/s
ram-gskill ripjaws x series 8 gb
hard drive- seagate es.3 st1000nm0033
pc case- DIY adventurer 9601g
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    any card you like mate... pci-e 2 or pci-e 3 it doesnt matter the socket supports both.
  2. For a power supply, I would suggest a nice sturdy 500W(, and really any graphics card will work. It depends on what your budget is like. I would suggest any of the following cards:
    *Low End*
    R7 260X
    GTX 750
    *Mid Range*
    R9 270X
    R9 280X
    GTX 760
    GTX 770
    *High End*
    R9 290X
    GTX 780

    But for your computer, maybe one of the midrange ones would be best, and specifically in the midrange, the R9 280X is the best one.
  3. HEXiT said:
    any card you like mate... pci-e 2 or pci-e 3 it doesnt matter the socket supports both.

    oh. i thought it had to be something special because in the specifications part of the motherboard it said it supported AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX™ Technology so i thought i had to look for a video card that had that. thanks, this cleared up alot.
  4. Quad-GPU CrossFireX means that you can put up to four AMD video cards all working together.
  5.,2865-5.html heres toms take on gpu scaling on 2 and more cards. you will see 1s you get up past 2 the results are very poor. the first gives 100% the second between 70and 95% the third as little as 5% improvements... they dont do 4 cards because if 3 dont scale well the 4th is likely to be negative scaling...
    so although the board supports it the drivers are unlikely to and the same goes for the gpu... 2 cards or 1 dual gpu single card is currently the sweet spot to maxamise the performance for the money you spend.

    the good thing about having 4 pci-e slots is that they can be used for other things like raid cards... marketing the card as quadfire is just a gimmick and shouldn't even be considered.
  6. I got another question, does the memory type of the video card matter?
  7. Do you mean like 1 gig vs 2 gig or GDDR3 vs GDDR5?
  8. technoob1212 said:
    I got another question, does the memory type of the video card matter?

    yes... ddr3 is generally considered to slow for gaming. its certainly to slow for larger displays from 1600/900 and up.
    gddr5 at any speed (normally its around 1000mhz now) is pretty decent for gaming.
    xdr2 which was rumored to be the replacement for ddr on high end cards but has yet to make it to the general public is faster again.

    1 gig is the base line currently for most new AAA games and is siutable for up to 1080p gaming. but a lot of low end cards have 2 gigs so they can handl multi displays these cards arnt gaming cards but video cards... so dont just buy a card because it has more ram. make sure the gpu is capable. because its better to have a good gpu with a small amount of ram for games than a crap gpu with 2 gigs of gddr3.

    anyways if you have any more questions please make a new topic. other members can then earn there best answers...
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