Is this a good gaming set up?

Hey guys.

My specs:
gtx 770
16gb 1600mhz
250gb ssd

How long will I be able to play demanding games like far cry 3, crysis 3, and battlefield 4 on at least high settings (high preset and fxaa or some minimal anti aliasing), 1080p, with 40+ fps?

Im pretty new to pc gaming (had a ps3 and ps2) and wanna know how long this pc will last me before I really need to upgrade.

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    That pc will last a while. But the r9 280x would be better than the 770.
  2. What settings will I be able to play at in lets say 4 years on 1080p?
  3. At 1080p with maxed out settings, a 280x would be better, and cheaper to boot. An i5 4670k would also probably be much better for gaming, and you can put that extra money towards a better GPU, say a GTX 780. This set up will most likely last you for about 2-3 years with maxed out settings for demanding games before you need an upgrade, although you may start getting FPS below 30 at maximum settings for some truly next gen games.

    Edit: In 4 years time with that hardware, you can expect to get 40~ FPS at medium settings depending on what game you play.
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