Wireless download speed limited to 1Mbps per connection <--How to increase this?

Hello All,

I have a bizarre situation on an old box running XP SP2 with a 802.1g wifi connection to a 54Mbps wifi B/G router: the problem is that despite my line being 10Mbps (tested it via wifi at http://www.speedtest.net/ and it really is 10Mbps), my download speed PER download item is ~1Mbps. What I refer to as a "download item" is really any download connection, e.g.: a file that is downloading from the internet, launched from my internet browser. Since it seems to be capped to a round number speed (1Mbps), it leads me to believe that it must be a setting of some kind -maybe hardcoded or not. This "limited speed" behavior it observed all the time during my web surfing in general (compared to when I am surfing while on LAN). It does not seem to be related to a website specifically. Does any one know how to resolve this issue, or of any XP setting that may be limiting the dl speed?

What I have tried so far:
* When downloading with my LAN cable, my download speed is limited to ~3.6Mbps per download item (same file from same website that was capped to 1MBps on wifi). This is further confirmed when surfing on LAN - surfing speed is considerably faster.
* Testing speed on websites such as http://www.speedtest.net/ gives me a download speed of ~10Mbps, which is what the ISP should be supplying me. So the ISP is not having network problems.
* Testing the wifi network on 2012 Win7 laptop --> I have a very fast connection - so it is not a wireless network issue. I did not mark down the speed since the file I was using as test subject for downloading, completed almost immediately.
* I can download several files at the same time all capped at 1Mbps, for a total download speed of 10Mbps. So my dongle is capable of tolerating 10Mbps.
* Have the most up to date driver for my wifi dongle.

If my "download items" are capped at 1Mbps, how are sites like speedtest.net measuring my speed? I would think that they would simply download a file of known size on my computer and track the time it took for it to complete. If that were the case they should be limited to a 1Mbps.

Hardware (yes, I know its old):
hp workstation xw4100
DLink DWL-G122, ver A2 wifi dongle
OS: WinXP /SP2 (I do not want to try SP3 since it increases boot up time considerably)
Wifi network fluctuates between 24 and 36Mbps

Any help/suggestions will be appreciated
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  1. Please note: The actual transfer speed you achieve is really 1/8th of the rated connection speed. For example a subscribed 22Megabits per second connection (mine) The max download speed I actually get is 2.75MegaBYTES per second.
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