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What is a good graphics card for $150?

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 3, 2013 1:54:21 PM

I am trying to build a good first gaming pc and all I really need is a nice graphics card. To match my budget I have, at most, $150. I would like to stay under that but if it means a way better graphics card then I suppose I can spend that. Can anyone help?

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Best solution

November 3, 2013 2:05:56 PM

I think you can get a 7870 Ghz Edition for about that price now. If it's between that and a 7850, I'd pay the $10 over your budget as it's quite a bit better and handles 1080p better as a result.

The cheapest one on Newegg is $179. While it is a pretty good model and would be a good buy, I'd say wait for a sale if you can't spend that much. I think it is definitely worth it over a 7850. While the 7850 is as low as $105 after MIR, I wouldn't get it. I owned one, and while it was great for the price, I wish I'd have gone with a 7870.

I think you will be able to find a good deal since Black Friday and the whole pile of great deals will be upon us soon.

The reason I haven't suggested an NVidia option is because the 650 Ti Boost doesn't compete with a 7870 or even really a 7850. The 650 Boost competes with a 7790 or a 1 GB stock clocked 7850 IMO. It's just less powerful. I saw another thread on here that said the 7850 is about 20% better than the 650 Ti Boost for about the same price.

That said if you HAVE to have Nvidia than the 650 Ti Boost is about the best you can do unless you spend more for a 660. I've seen open box GTX 660s on newegg for $160. If you see one of those for that price, I'd consider it. It's far superior the the 650 Boost.

EDIT: I need to stop taking so long typing these. That 7850 wouldn't be bad but the 7870 is just a bit more :) 

I also forgot to mention that AMD includes games for free. I don't see much reason to go with a 650 Ti Boost in this case.

EDIT 2: Good heavens the model I linked was the 1 GB one! I wouldn't recommend it although it did have better cooling.

THIS one has better cooling, is made by MSI, and it's $10 cheaper after rebate and has a slight factory overclock. I'd pick this one over the HIS because it has 2 fans and should run quieter and a bit cooler. This will allow you to overclock to get nearly the performance of a 7870 if you get lucky and get a good chip.

However, both this and MD1987's options would be nice.