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i currently have a gtx 660 ti 3GB. should i sell it and get a gtx 590 because the prices are around 350. or should i spent the 350 for something better?
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  1. Don't buy a 590, a 660 ti is still a fine card, if you want something new for $350 a 770 or a 280x is much much better. There won't be a huge performance gain between either of those and your 660 ti though.
  2. okay got it. can i get another 660 ti and run it in SLI? i have a galaxy geforce 660 ti 3Gb, can i run it with any other 660 ti?
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    You can SLI any other kind of 660ti, however, make sure it's another 3GB card otherwise they'll run at 2Gb.
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