Looking for graphics veteran to help me identify a very old video adapter.

I have installed an Nvidia AGP card into a Windows ME machine but I cannot identify the branding to get the correct driver.

Its model number is TW-04N857-69700. There are no indications as to whether it is Geforce, Quadro or whatever. And device manager refuses to give any details on the component.

I appreciate any help.

EDIT: Picture for clarity:
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  1. Geforce 3 ti 200

    About my best guess. Scroll down, you should see it.
  2. Nvidia covers a wide range of products in their drivers.

    As long as it's Geforce 3 series, regardless of model, this should work? Thanks for your help.
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    I believe it is the MSI Geforce 3 Ti200

    The number is MS 8851 ver (can't make out) near the bottom left of the card in the picture you linked
  4. That picture is not my own but now that I look at it, that number seems to be MS-8851 VER 130.

    getochkn said:
    Geforce 3 ti 200

    About my best guess. Scroll down, you should see it.

    The adapter that I have is 64MB. I'm now confident that this card is included under the Geforce 3 drivers.
  5. google has failed me on the MS-8651
  6. Yeah, it's 8851. A Geforce3 Ti 200. I have no idea why the manufacturer decided not to label their card with the marketing nomenclature. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. No problem :)

    I had difficulty myself with an old AMD card as well
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