best budget gpu to pair with an i3 2100 to run GW2 on decent settings

hey guys what's the best possible budget gpu to pair with an i3 2100 and an i5 3570 non k to be able to run guild wars 2 on decent settings?
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  1. what is your budget? and what resolution do you plan to play at?
  2. im not quite sure yet but with the current set up i am running right now (i3 2100 on integrated graphics) is 1680x1050 and already seems pretty good to me, but i might want to go all the way up to 1980x1020 if my budget allows for a good gpu. anyway, what i plan on doing is i upgrade to an i5 3570k or non k depending on whether i would benefit from the k or not and give my i3 cpu to my girlfriend. our budget is $150-$200 for the both of us. what would we be able to get with that? thanks

    i forgot to mention that she will most likely be running at a lower resolution than i am
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    so two graphics cards for $150-200?

    You could grab 2x7790's, they're $80 after MIR each

    If one will be on 1050, and other on 1080p, you could get a slight imbalance in cards
    Get one 7790, then for second card, grab an 7850 and OC the 7850 [this one already has a slight factory OC]

    The 7850's are great overclockers and the 2GB of VRAM will be helpful
  4. thanks :)
  5. No problem :)
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