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So I have a pretty good Rig. I5 3570K @4.2GHz, 8GB RAM 1TB Caviar Black HDD, Corsair CX750 PSU, ASUS P8Z77-M MOBO. Youtube Videos keep loading a couple seconds in, then stopping. I thought it might be because of my PSU that is making, whinning sounds or the fact that I have 801 GB of space left in my HDD.
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  1. No, this is internet related. Not the hardware.

    That is ALOT of HDD space left. almost 1tb.

    IF your PSU is running the system, it is not the problem. The PSu alone cannot directly impact performance AT ALL.
  2. Well when I first got it youtube videos loaded so fast now it takes for ever I was even thinking about reinstalling Windows but really don't want to reinstall my games.
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    I have a similar issue, they will load at default quality (480p) just fine, but if I try to change it to 720p/1080p then it won't load. It even does this if I downgrade the quality to 360p.
  4. Do you have all your video card drivers properly installed?

    Java and adobe as well?
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