What is a good graphics card for about $50?

I'm building a budget gaming pc and I don't the APU I have will cut it. I could go $60 but that's pretty much my price point. I'm just trying to fill up and et the most out of my budget. Can anyone help? Under $50 would be ideal but I am willing to pay up to $50
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  1. none to today's standards no such GPU exists
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  3. gt 620
  4. For $50, you wont find anything better than an A10 integrated. You're going to want to pay more for your GPU than your CPU. Just a tip. Try to bring down your CPU a little bit and maybe double your GPU budget. Take a look at the Athlon x4 750K, basically an A10 quad core with no integrated graphics. Its like an $80 CPU, and you can find $50 FM2 motherboards. Then you can get either an R7 260X or a 7850 for $110.
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