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recently upgraded my desktop from xp to windows 7 ultimate. Now the speakers are not working. They were working fine in the xp. I checked the device manager and found that High def audio device is present under the sounds, games options. I checked the status and it shows working properly. the speaker icon in the taskbar is also showing good. it detects digital audio device( s/pdif). my speaker is of philips. I checked it with a headset also, and it too does not work. but both these are working fine in my laptop! please advice ..
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  1. Try changing default audio from S/PDIF to Speakers in Control Panel > Sound.
  2. himnextdoor said:
    Try changing default audio from S/PDIF to Speakers in Control Panel > Sound.

    I tried that, but the problem is there are no other devices listed in the playback option, other than the digital audio(S/PDIF). What shall I do?
  3. You did download drivers for your hardware that are compatible with Windows 7, didn't you?

    XP drivers may simply not work under Win 7.

    What is the name and model of your motherboard?

    If it's a laptop, which one?
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    Okay. Well, give this a try.

    First, turn down the volume on the computer to about fifty percent. We don't need ear-drums problems that could render this entire exercise irrelevant.

    Right click on the volume icon.

    Select 'Recording devices'.

    Click on the top one and click on Properties.

    Select the Listen tab and check the Listen to this device' box.

    Select the Levels tab and boost the volume a little.

    Do the same for all the 'Recording devices'.

    If you find one that works, set it as default and stop the other devices from being listened to, if you want.

    Any improvement?
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