Monitor help: 120hz, 1080p vs 1440p, 60hz!

I have two monitors picked out based on research, but I'm not sure which would be better for the type of gaming I do. I mostly play mmo's and various other games (mostly going to be Witcher 3 and BF4). Both seem like they would be a great improvement from what I use now (1600x900, 60hz). Motion blur and ghosting are a big thing to me, so much so that I use plasma for console gaming. I will be using a 4670k and EVGA 780 SC ACX (future SLI) to power these monitors.These are the two monitors I have selected. I have looked at the korean 1440ps but the lack of warranty scares me.

Asus PB278Q $549.99 (Is ghosting an issue with this panel?)


BenQ XL2420TE $329.99 (Highly reviewed and excellent colors for a TN, although not IPS)
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  1. Based on your low motion blur tolerance, go 120hz with Lightboost. The Lightboost will remove any motion blur.
  2. Look into G-Sync, its not out yet but the supported monitor will be the ASUS VG248QE. Thats the monitor they are using to develop this technology with as its a 144hz monitor.

    The benefit is ultra fast refresh, extremely low ghosting that souldnt even be noticable at all, and the lowest input lag yet.
    I know its the monitor I would get and am planning on getting when they release a monitor with it already built in.

    At the moment you need to order a seperate G-Sync back and mod it to your ASUS VG248QE.

    Ps. at the moment I am using a dell u2713h, I find it a little big for first person gaming (was not the reason I went with this monitor btw), though my desk is not that deep (less than 800mm). depending if you really want 27 inch gaming (which is awesome) I would go with 24 inch especially at 1080p. pluss you have more chance at hitting the 144 / 120 frame per second mark if you go for a 144hz / 120hz monitor.

    The reason for my post was just to point out G-Sync is coming.
  3. If you want both get a Qnix/X-Star, 1440p and 120/96Hz, but that won't solve your need for low motion blur (though in my opinion, this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay worth the tradeoff).

    As above, a Lightboost monitor is basically CRT quality, if motion blur is that important to you, go that route. Just be prepared for your colours looking like total crap.
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