How to deny whole internet access on standard User-Account?


I was unable to find any solution here about how to deny the entirely Internet access for various user accounts on my home PC, only find info about partial solutions like restrict web browsers in Parental Control.

I don't want to restrict program usage but to find a way to disable the whole access to the internet on a given user account (it would be the best if I could make their accounts to show the exclamation mark in the yellow triangle over the internet icon - as it would have no internet at all.)
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  2. Can I use these registry changes to disable internet access to specific windows user account or it disables also the admin account's access?
    Because I want to keep the Internet going on Admin acc and disable it only on guest / user accs.
  3. Log in every user account but the administrator and change the settings. I haven't tried it, but you can test. If not working, revert the settings.
  4. Okies thank you, will try it soon.

    I also wanted to ask if it is possible or not to disable the network adapter from the Device manager as administrator that affects ONLY for guest users?
  5. No, AFAIK.
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