Can my specs run Battlefield 4 ?On which setting ?

Can my specs run battlefield 4 and others latest games ?

Processor : Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5700 3.00GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphic card:AMD RADEON HD 7770 1GB GDDR5
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    It will be able to run them at lower settings yes, but that Dual Core is really holding you back in more CPU intensive games, the 7770 itself is decent for gaming at medium settings.

    Modern games are taking advantage of quad cores and more RAM too, so if you were to get a new system overhaul an i5 or FX series CPU, 8GB of RAM and a better GPU it would be a great improvement

    In regards to BF4 though, low-medium settings at 1080p with no AA should be manageable
  2. Yes but at low resolution or low graphics settings.
  3. high at 720p and low on 1080p...0xAA/8xAF
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