Computer wont power on unless I connect a cable to what I believe to be a video card

I got a computer from a friend. He built it himself. I can't make contact with him anymore and it stopped working when I upgraded windows media player. So I used something called DBAN that was supposed to wipe it clean. The power cable was pulled out of the computer during DBAN so I am not sure if it finished or not, depends at what time the pc lost power. I tried starting it up but a bunch of tie dye looking lines came out on screen. The monitor is hooked up via a cable I believe is called vdi andthis cable connects to the video card and not the back where u connect the regular monitor cable. So I connected this cable to the back of the pc and nothing came out. I then tried the regular monitor cable that all pc's come with and it didnt work either. I then decided to pull out the video card because maybe it was interfering or something but the pc wont turn on without it. I dont understand why this happens its not as if the video card provides power it should turn out without it. If I put it back in it still wont turn on, it only turns on when I connect some cable inside the computer to the video card. I believe this cable powers up the video card. Help please. If I have to leave the videographics card connected I will however the problem is nothing is displayed on the monitor unless its the dvi cable from graphics card to monitor but a bunch of weird squares come out.
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  1. Some paragraphs would be nice

    when video card is plugged in, the motherbaord video is disabled which is normal
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