GTX 295 card displaying green graphics when playing video games only.

My friend recently gave me his GTX 295 graphic's card. It works fine with windows 7 and everything except when playing video games like starcraft 2 and etc. It shows green graphics or a screen of green over the the video games i am about to play and then while the games load on the home screen(the games home screen) they eventually turn off.

Now the video card works fine for running windows 7, watching movies, but playing games it just doesn't end well. I'm not sure whats going on and yes I have looked to make sure all the components are plugged in properly. I even tested it out on my roommate's computer and the same thing happens.

Is there something I need to do? I have downloaded the latest drive for it and still nothing changes.
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  1. sounds like it is over heating. what are the temps like?
  2. Around 50 C mostly which is pretty normal.
  3. Also my voltage is at 1.030 V, not sure what the right voltage should be for this card. I tried looking online but I keep finding voltages only for the people who overclock their system.

    The temp. when idel is at 55 C.
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