Is 1gb vram enough for 1600x900 resolution?

Like title says. hd7770 1gb vram,for about next 1-2 year,is it going to be enough for new games?
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  1. Yes 1GB is enough for 1920x1080
  2. my cut off is 1300 res,. after that the problems start to arise. if you don't mind lowering game settings and how it looks afterwards, then yes, it will work.................... but you have to look at the 7850" (2gig) that are a hair over $100 right now. why would anybody even think about a 7770?
  3. YES! 7850s are like $109 now. 650ti Boosts are $99

    Avoid the 7770 unless you already have one. Either way, 1GB is enough.
  4. I would sort of agree. Get a G50TiB 2GB model. I have the ASUS GTX 650TIB with the DCII Cooler and it crushes all games on High-Ultra with 40+ FPS. My CPU is the i5-3570K with 4GB RAM. On 1080p , I never crossed 1.5GB so I would say 1GB would sorta go , but will surely struggle. Get something like a GTX 650TI Boost 2GB Edition.
    Also @CTurbo , who is offering 7850s for 109$ and 650TiB for 99$. I am considering both to be 2GB models....
  5. FYI, i have a 7850 2GB OC model and:
    - World of Warcraft max Vram used : 1240MB (1080p /maxed out/ msi afterburner memory usage graphics)
    - starcraft 2 max Vram used: 1100MB (1080p / maxed out etc)
    The idea is that games are capable of using more than 1GB vram @ 1080p. I would suggest 2GB.
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  7. And if i get hd7790 instead 1gb vram, (7850 is about 50% more expensive here) in your opinion what would be better,1366x760 or 1600x900 monitor?
  8. It look like the 650ti boost for $99 is expired. I still shows it here, but when you click on the link, it's $119.
  9. 7790 is a lot better than 7770

    1600x900 is better than 1366x760
  10. I think i will probably get 1366x760 monitor.I don't want to get into trouble with 1gb vram on 900p,especially with all new games coming soon/next year. Playing on 720p NATIVE would be better than downscaling from 1600x900 because i'm sure with newer games i would have to downscale from 1600x900.
    Is hd 7790 1gb ok for 720p?
  11. yes plenty
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