Sabertooth 990fx FX8350 Red CPU Light

Hi hope I could get some help think i might have a failure somewhere. I turned off the pc last night and no problems but this morning I turned it on and all I got was no boot and the CPU light on the motherboard. Is the cpu dead?


AMD FX8350 @ 4.4ghz

Sabertooth 990 FX vr 1

Corsair vengence 1666mhz x4 16GB

Corsair H100 double watercooler

XFX 850w Proseries

Asus GTX580 1.5gb Card

Many thanks
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  1. Hi, Can you borrow a power supply and test?
  2. Yes I can borrow my fiends he has the same PSU, do you think that could that be it then?
  3. We have firstly to rule out a power issue.
    If still no go with the new PSU, then yes, it might be the CPU.
  4. Okay will try that tonight, thanks for your help. I did take the CPU out and had a look at it, there was no sign of any burning marks or smell and there was a good clean layer of heatsink on it, pins looked ok to hopefully its the PSU as I have read some reviews that the unit has failed on some people before. Fingers crossed!! Cheers Alexoiu
  5. Good luck and please post back the result
  6. Hi Alexoiu,

    Tested pc with new PSU and working fine. It seems that the cable going to the EATX plug failed. When stripping the cable ties off the one holding that lead had melted a little nearest the PSW end. So back to XFX under warranty for this one, thankfully CPU working all ok. Thanks for the info on this pal. :)
  7. No problem. Good luck!
  8. Luck ran out, turned on the PC when I got home and the cpu light is back on again!!! Im guessing thats the CPU then? There must be power going to it as it gets warm but cant hear it doing anything?
  9. Try installing a stock CPU fan and check if spinning when starting the board.
  10. I do have a stock fan so will check although when everything is plugged in it all works fine, the corsair fan pump is plugged into the cpu fan slot and that works and pumps as normal with all lights on, would a stock fan work different?
  11. Not very much, but it helps you in testing. On this ocasion try reseating the CPU also.
  12. I tried that and the fan comes on straight away, reseated the cpu and still red light. There was no obvious signs of damage or anything on the chip so maybe its an internal problem with the CPU??
  13. Did it work after replacing the power supply?
  14. Yes it did but only once though, i was going to check the power supply on my friends pc just to make sure
  15. Weird, but it looks like a CPU issue. Try RMA-ing or testing it at a local shop.
  16. Just got hold of a brand new FX 6350 and it does the same, red cpu light. Im now starting to think MOB?
  17. It might be. Have you installed a new power supply?
  18. Yea, ive tested it with two now and with no affect. I have got a Crosshair formula z coming tomorrow ready for a build on saturday so will test the Sabertooth on a out of box test. So new chip new motherboard so im sure I can find out whats gone wrong. Will keep you posted
  19. I believe it is a bug in the mother board. I have had it for 1 year now and i can Tell you my experiance with it. If the cpu's red light is turned on, then i just Press on the power supply off button and wait for the motherboards green light Goes out, then i turn the power supply back on. Then i wait 5 sec for the electricity, cause you can't turn it on right away. Just repeat that until it is working. one time i needed to do it 30 times. Then i get to a screen, where I need to press f1 and the keyboard can't be in a USB 3.0 port cause the driver is'nt started, so it needs to be a 2.0 or we can also call them the usb ports that is'nt blue. Then in the bios i just click on exit and i just choose save and reset, and reset just means restarting the pc not reseting it. So When it is booted up i just change the dato and year and the clock. Then i restart, the reason i do that, is cause if i Dont, the internet is'nt working. So When it is restarted, it works. There is ways to avoid the red light, if you pull a USB out when the computer is shutdown, then it usually won't start, and if you remove power from the Pc when it is'nt because of the red light is showing, then it is'nt going to work again. So yeah. You just turn the power on and off several times, do that everytime the red light is turned on. It is working for me everytime. That took Half an hour to write on my iPad 3!
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