gtx 760 vs 7950

hi what would be the best gpu for me ill be playing @ 720p on my tv mostly gaming cod ghost bf4 ff14 and which card would win at oc'ing
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  1. The 7950 is known to be a better overclocker, but at 720p both cards would be maxing games with no problems.
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    7950 overclocks very easily, mine was 850MHz out of the box but I run it at 1050MHz. It's been a year already and it never broke 60 degrees C.
    And when overclocked the performance scales fabulously.

    And BF4 favors AMD cards too:

    At my clock speed it's practically a 7970. Enjoy the 3 free games too :)
  3. The hd 7950 is known for overclocking and the gtx 760 is powerful enough at stock, so i'd personally recommend the hd 7950 because battlefield 4 is optimized for it and either one of those cards can run cod and fifa maxed out :)
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