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i am new here. Anyway i need help in my first build. can you guys give me some recommendations that would help in my build and as you can see i am on a tight budget. I live in the Philippines so i think they are limited on hardware here but i found a store that caught my attention called PCExpress
just convert it though $1 is like Php43.00
These are the specs i have been thinking on :

Intel i5 - 4430 3.0Ghz (not planning on OCing)
ASRock Z87 Pro3
PowerColor HD7790 1GB DDR5
Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600
CoolerMaster K350 Mid Tower Case
Power Supply???
i already have a CD-DVD drive
" " " " 2 SATA 600GB hard drive. (should i add more?)
Planning to buy an SSD though.

Thanks :))
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  1. If you're not going to overclock, aim for a cheaper motherboard.
    Suggest you go for a 500-550Watt PSU with at least dual 6 pin PCI-E leads, all that power is not needed now, but may come in handy later on when/if you decide to upgrade the graphics card. Stay away from cheap 'high output' units, they are cheap for a number of bad reasons. Names to trust are: Antec, Corsair, XFX, Silverstone, Seasonic, FSP and OCZ.
    You can always add more storage later, right now a total of 1.2 Tb is plenty.
    If it were my build I'd hold off on an SSD and put the money into a stronger graphics card because I'd rather have a longer boot/load times and faster frame rates that a shorter boot time and a slower gaming system. Again, as with extra HDD storage, you can always add one later.
  2. Thanks for answering :)

    i already chose a cheaper motherboard, i just changed my mind ahaha at first i was planning to buy the ASrock H81M-DGS because it was cheaper but then i thought the motherboard would slow me down on performance. i dont really overclock but does it help in some cases? and can i be able to do it on a stock cooler and with this motherboard?(Ocing like only to 3.2 or 3.8Ghz would be fine)
    Oh and is the Corsair VS 650watts enough?

    Thx again :)
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