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how many crossfires does it take to make you "omfg wtf are you mad?!"

real question here, can i run 4 cards on my 8350? i thought i may have read something stating only two could run on an 8350 and the m5a99fx pro 2.0 mobo from asus.
but im not sure. i dont recall 100% i would really enjoy 4 cards because why the hell not.
it looks dope.

so, anyone know how many cards i can run on my 8350?
really thinking about the
those look nice, both stats and physical looks.
please halp
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  1. No, the 8350 will often bottleneck the 2nd card so 4 is silly. If you want to run that many GPU's then you have to jump onto the 2011 X79 platform and a processor that wont bottleneck those cards.
    I don't know if the chipset supplies enough PCI lanes for 4 cards?

    On top of that you will encounter zero or negative scaling and the PSU required.....
  2. oh wow, bottle neck a second card O_o thats not good.
    i was really hoping for quad cards. and some cards are compatable with non pcie 3.0 such as the hd 7850.
    i was not able to find any info on crossfire or quadfire.
    i was afraid of this.

    the chipset could be an issue.

    quadfire does indeed mean 4 cards right?
    i saw a post with a guy that had an 8350 annd claimed quadfire 7770's running number 11 in the world.
    or maybe 7850's not sure.
    but i know he claimed quadfire and thats what got me really thinking about it.
  3. Don't do this just because it looks cool and gives you the impression of a super powerful PC.

    If you can afford 4x 7850, you'd rather get a single R9 290X. The benefit of each additional card severely diminishes beyond the second card, and some (many) games run poorly with Crossfire.

    Consider one of these
  4. Quadfire is 4GPUS, but is inefficient. If you want POWER then go with 2 high end cards like the R9 290x, TITAN, GTX 780 and R9 280x. Quadfire 7770's doesn't sound that well informed to me, he is going to have lot crossfire issues. On top of this, he still only commands 2GB of Vram as it Doesn't stack, rubbish for such a demanding system. You can crossfire 2 cards with the 8350, its a good CPU but it bottlenecks on some CPU heavy games like Skyrim.

    If you Want to go "BEAST" then something like this:

    i7 4930k
    ASUS IV Rampage Extreme
    16GB DDR3 ram 2400mhz
    2x R9 290x or 2x TITAN
    HX 1050w PSU
    3x 27inch 1080p monitors.
  5. amd controls how many cards you can quad-cfx and which ones.
    7850 isn't one of those.
    7950, 7970 support quad-cfx, 7870 and lower support dual cfx.
    78xx's cfx support:
    to quad cfx you need 4 gpus of the same series with quad cfx support. e.g. 2x 7990 or 1x 7990 with 1x 7950 and 1x 7970.
    you'll also need driver support for games.
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  7. I wanted to do it because it looks cool yes.
    however i am not willing to have my system degrade in powah because of looking good.
    i woud rather she be fat and ugly yet smart as hell over being skkinny and gorgeous yet dumb as hell.
    yeah yeah, i call my best her. lol.

    thanks for the info everyone <3 greatly appreciated.
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