New PC keeps restarting by itself (Windows 7)

Hi! This is my first time posting here, but I've built my own desktop computer for gaming, streaming, video editing, etc. However, after I've installed Windows 7 and my driver's onto the desktop, the computer will keep randomly restarting by itself without any warning (restarting as if it someone were to click the reset button on the case). I've already tried to reinstall windows 7 AGAIN and reinstall the drivers AGAIN and it still has this problem. Is there something wrong with the software or the hardware and is there a way to solve this issue?
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  1. How long does the system take before it restarts itself?
  2. this might be a driver issue. if you can get online for a little bit before restart grab iobit driver booster, its free and updates everything.
  3. It's kind of at random times, but I'd say anywhere from 5-15 minutes it'll randomly restart itself.
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    try running iobits driver booster.

    i had an issue with restarts ad it was drivers. which i found weird lol.
  5. Alright, I'll try to download and run iobits driver booster. I'll probably only be able to get to it in around 2 hours or so, however, since I'm at work though...
  6. if that fails check your components and psu wattage.
  7. Okay, it's still not working, but I have yet to check my components and PSU Wattage. I'll check those later and update you on that. In the mean time, could anything else possibly be the error? Maybe I didn't hook something up correctly from the case to the motherboard or something? I'm not sure.
  8. running for 15 minutes should not be a case of something not hooked up right. but you should recheck everything to be sure. a loose cable could be a culprit, your cpu fan connection may be slightly loose and a random slight bump may be enough to make it cut out for even a split second which would result in an auto shutdown for safety of your machine.
    if you have on board video support remove your graphics card and then ppower on, it may be a screwy video card that is causing the issue.
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