Arrange these cards from best to worst.

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  1. In the below order.
    2 > 4 > 1 > 5 > 3.
  2. 660 Ti: #1 4697 Benchmark
    GTX 660: #2 4116 Benchmark
    Radeon 7850: #3 3714 Benchmark
    GTX 650 TI Boost: #4 3571 Benchmark
    In a personal opinion, I would go with the 7850 because I am a ATI fan, I find them to be more stable, and in my experience they tend to keep cooler than the Nvidia line... It is all personal choice though, and what you feel that you should buy. If you do liquid cooling, I guess heat wouldn't really matter, but I still find ATI to be more stable, maybe it is just my luck with Nvidia though. PS: The extra ram is more so just to future proof the card, a 1gb will suffice for most if not all games on the market as of today. Also, if you do get a 660 2gb, get the dual fan version (if your not planning on liquid cooling) a card with that high of specs is bound to run HOT.

    Added Notes: Check this site out to know more about which card would more suite your needs.
  3. the 2 different gtx 660s are the fastest, then the 7850 2gb, 7850 1gb and the 650ti boost are pretty close to each other... (edit missed the boost bit at first, corrected)

    passmark is utter crap, pls don't use it for anything. seriously.
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    Nvidia 660 is the most powerful among them. This is how the sequence goes :

    Nvidia 660 > AMD HD 7850 2GB > Nvidia 650 Ti boost 2GB > AMD HD 7850 1GB

    This card offers the best performance for the price. So, get this one under the 15,000 Rupees budget. It is a very good card.

    Have fun :)
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