Best possible GPU(s) for a single monitor? (1920x1080)

Hey, Christmas time is getting close, so i'm wondering what card i'm going to give myself to finally "Perfect" my system. Out of all the parts, after building the system, I can safely say the GPU is the weak link.

That's where you blokes come in. I don't want to run anything at (MYXEYES!) resolution, but I DO want to safely run MOST things at 120fps (I don't currently have a monitor capable of it, but eh, ain't no kill like overkill.) at a steady rate if possible. Unstable frame-rates are...Hellish.

I don't understand the whole crossfire thing. but I'd prefer to not do that unless it was both cost effective and outperformed the single card option.

My specs:
MBAsus Sabertooth z77

RAM: Ripjaw (16gb)

GPU: Nvidia GTX 560ti

CPU: Intel i7 3770k 3.5GHz (Ivy bridge- Not overclocked yet.)

No cooling system- Case has a built in one, using default fan for the Intel.

Corsair Graphite Series: White

Thanks in advance.
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  1. This will easily be able to get the performance your looking for. A constant 120 FPS is not really possible at the moment, mainly just due to drivers, but for brilliant 1920x1080 performance the 780 does the job well. But as I say, there are a lot of limiting factors in the FPS, sometime its just the game too.
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