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I bought a Windows 8.1 OEM version (at that time id dint know what was for) to install it on my fresh new self built computer but because the hard disk reviled to be defected the installation was not successful although the process seemed to be completed. So i bought a new hard disk, returned the Windows 8.1 to the shop and bought by amazon a 8.1 full version (vanilla box) because the oem installation seemed too much difficult for me... Now the question: i ear somewhere that the 8.1 OEM installation leaved a key (?) on the bios, what will happen when i install the retail version, will i be able to use its proper product key?
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  1. Nothing is written to your bios by windows. The key is stored in the registry and by Microsoft. The retail and OEM installation are exactly the same. The restrictions as to what systems they can be installed on differ (not the hardware but OEM is for a single hardware configuration and retail can be used on differing configurations but only one system at a time). At the start of the install you will be asked for the key, you can enter the new key at this time and proceed with the install.
  2. "The serial key is kept in an encrypted form in the BIOS or UEFI, and that's the latest, hot rumor." RUMOR. This is what I know. The bios or uefi (new name for the interface) is a set of base level instructions stored on the bios chip (hardware item=silicone chip). It is a type of flash memory device. It requires a special process and software tools to access or change. Windows does not do this during installation to the best of my knowledge. When you purchase a system from say Dell it comes with windows per-installed. Dell buys thousands of OEM (one time/one use) licensees (keys to make it simple). Dell activates the copy of the OS and links the activation code in the bios of the box it is installed on. Not MS and not windows. This is the way Dell keeps you from somehow copying the OS to your laptop. Totally different situation when you buy the OS and install it yourself. Also the key you enter does not activate your copy and make it legit. Once you have installed and entered the key then it unlocks your ability to activate. The activation servers verify the key as legit and then issue a unique activation code that is tied to your hardware configuration. This info. is stored on your system and on the activation server.
  3. I just wonder if I get a virus so i have to reinstall windows can I do that or do I have to buy a new windows? But which version should i get windows 8.1 OEM or windows 8.1 full version? And can I install it on my pc that i allready have win7 on if I take it away so to speak, or most I buy the upgrade from win7 to win8 version?
  4. Ok let's try to explain things. First read this ( So if you are looking to upgrade an existing installation O.E.M. is not the way to go. If it is a new install then O.E.M. is a money saver and will be the one I would choose. If either is used and you need to reinstall or repair the installation you problem.
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