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Alright, so I am currently looking for a new headset, and I am not sure whether or not I should get ones with virtual 7.1 surround sound.

My main use of my headset is music, videos (youtube, movies and such), and gaming. Now I don't actually use sound in games for much, I don't play FPS games, and almost always turn off the sound in games so I can listed to music instead.

So what I'm wondering is, would it make sense for me to get 7.1 surround sound, is music better with or without it?

If you need more details let me know. Thanks.
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  1. As I was reading this and listening to music I decided to reach around the back of my G35s with dolby 7.1 and turn it off. Without it the sounds seems to be coming from two small speakers a distance from my ears, once back on the sound fills the entire ear piece and sounds fuller, a better developed bass, and an all around better sound quality. If you care about any audio 7.1 is better than stereo hands down. So yes you want it.
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