Power supply recommendations (first computer build)

I am building my first computer and I want it to be upgradable in the future.

here is my build

my budget is around 1000- 1200 (but feel free if you have any good components that's worth the upgrade)
I would love to get any feed back.

I've looked into the cpu, gpu, ram, ssd, and mobo

I recently looked for a good power supply but I am simply overwhelmed. I picked one based on price + rating + brand name but obviously that isn't the best option without reading reviews but there's simply too many to read them all.

If you have any recommendations on any other parts of the computer please feel free to say it and leave a reason why.

Thank you for the help.
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    I highly recommend this read:,2913.html
    Basically it says; this is not a part to cheap out on. And make sure whomever you buy it from has excellent customer service.
  2. thanks.
  3. oh also how much power do I theoretically need for my setup. and how much would you recommend with overclock and then again how much would you recommend to future proof the power supply.
  4. From your list it looks like a minimum 500 watts. 600w would give you a bit of a buffer. Nothing wrong with the 750w you have chosen, but beware of too much overcapacity since a high powered PSU is inefficient when your machine is drawing a lighter load.
  5. ok thanks a ton. I was thinking 750w with a good 80+ certification so it can be used in the future.
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