Would Love Some Opinions - Building a New Top Gaming PC

Upfront, many thanks for any guidance folks can provide.

So I've opted to start from scratch with a fresh build and I wanted to kick it off right. Looking to use top parts (within reason, I'd still like some value there), but like any gamer, I want to destroy world.

Are there better alternatives to what I have selected?
Do you believe any of the parts will not play nice with one another?
Additionally, I am looking for a case (and I'm willing to pay whatever for it) that is going to stand the test of time, in addition to making for easy access, cable management, etc...

Cooler Master HAF X (I considered the Thermaltake Level 10 GT - but there are enough mixed reviews that I have my doubts).


Intel 4770K

EVGA GeForce GTX760 SuperClocked 2GB - 2X SLI

Corsair H100i

G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)

CORSAIR HX Series HX850 850W
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  1. To be honest, in the past I would have said that a graphics card with 2GB would be enough. But after owning Battlefield 4, I'd say it's just not enough now.

    I'm guessing by the fact that you're going for a dual card setup that you want to run things as quick as possible. Thing is, you can't run BF4 at Ultra, it gets choppy as stuff gets swapped around in the VRAM quite frequently. (I have to run at most things on Ultra but options that affect VRAM turned down, such as AA and SSAO)

    I'd say 4GB versions would last you a heck of a lot longer, those Superclocked cards are nice, but 4GB versions of the 760s will no doubt overclock really nicely anyway.
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    Well for gaming I would still go with a i5 because there are quite a few games that do not play nice with HT and turning that off to play games would turn your i7 into a i5 anyway as that is really the only thing that the i7 brings to the table.

    Building a TOP gaming rig is about more than getting the highest parts you can find it is also about fitting the best components together to get the job done correctly and on a gaming rig a i5 will do just that.

    As for the case I would agree against the Thermaltake Level 10GT also. A friend of mine got one and while they look nice on the pictures in person they really have a plastic look that is not all that great. For the money there are much better case's out there.
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