i5 oc vs i7 for architecture student

Hello :D
I am building a pc for a friend who is a architecture student & works with 3ds max & maya mostly
& I would like to know if i should go for

i5 4670k(will do a stable OC) + nvidia 650
i7 4770 + nvidia 660

Getting an i7 4770k & a z87 motherboard will leave me with no GPU due to the budget(prices where i live are very bad :().

What do you think will be better?
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  1. Best answer
    i7 4770 + nvidia 660, those programs will get more of a boost from the extra threads than from an overclock.
  2. All depends on the budget and what programs you plan to run. I agree with the previous poster about going with an i7, but a GTX 660 is relatively weak for Maya and Revit.
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