Dust Filters in HAF XM

I want to buy a new case for my computer and I like the look of the HAF XM. However, I haven't read good things about its dust filters. Not only are they very wide meshed, but also in particular the PSU dust filter can only be removed for cleaning after removing the PSU itself.

Is the case still worth getting? Are the dust filters really that important? Are there any better cases in the price range?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello Xander314,

    Dust filters kind of depend on the user. For some, dust filters are a must have. Have you looked at our new 690III? The dust filter under the PSU is able to be removed with out removing the power supply.

  2. CM-Patrick said:

    How should these cases compare in price? Here in the UK the CM 690 III is only slightly cheaper than the HAF XM despite coming with fewer fans and supporting smaller fans generally. Is a revision to the HAF series due any time soon?
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