Overclocking fx 8350 4.5ghz-4.6ghz thermalright true spirit 120 vs hyper 212 evo

which one is better thermalright true spirit 120 or hyper 212 evo!? I might just overclock to 4.4ghz I don't need to overclock, I am just tempted...
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  1. u will be fine .... but i would go with a stronger cooler water/air based if u plan on ocing 24/7

    then you need Noctua NH-D14 its way stronger than both u mentioned
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    For price-performance, the nod goes to the EVO, even if the True Spirit 120M does perform better. There haven't been any definitive comparisons yet, though. It's safe to assume that they are roughly equal, in terms of absolute performance, though.

    I, personally, would probably spring for the True Spirit first. I like its form factor, how it is noninvasive, and its mounting system better.
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