Storage Cannot copy / paste, firewall wont load, cannot restore, cannot get Ms essentials to work, cli running filling cpu


Various problems going on , cannot copy and paste files from internal and external, master drive green box read only coloured in , cli running in task manager and filling cpu, 2 windows open on internet one is yahoo (Guess Spigot virus at least), cannot open firewall , start microsoft essentials , access restore etc , guess some sort of virus, or something else any solutions to solve appreciated, would buying a new hardrive and installing windows help access the others, MY PC has XP service pack 3, 2MB ram its getting on a bit and is only a basic single core machine, Medion 8008
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  1. Shut down and reboot with a bootcd that has an update-able antivirus on it.
  2. thanks dont have a bootcd, never done one and dont know how to offhand, videos are also not playing ordinary low res ones stutter as if hd ones ( my pc doesnt play hd files properly anyway ) and pics are only visible as thumbs do not enlarge when you click on them, have ordered a new hd and shall put o/s on that and try and access old ones as a slave, been told sounds like hd problem, are there any good progs to recover pics from the hd and get round any problems, preferably free ones that dont come with free viruses or pc tuners that mess up pc's.
  3. Of course they are available. What do you have that you can recover them to?
  4. Been offline for a while waiting new HD and then installing, have an external drive to try and move them to, after getting connectors to attach the old internals to usb socket to try and access, also have memory sticks bu max is 8GB.
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