I'm Building A PC For The First TIme, How Do These Parts/Specs Look?

Here is the build itself:

I'm trying to keep things at around $600 Canadian.

I already have a windows installation disc, keyboard, mouse, and monitor so that doesn't have to be factored in to the price.

The PC is for moderate gaming, I'd like to be able to play most next gen games, like for example BF4. Not on ultra, or high though, just medium at native resolution.

The computer will also be for HD DLSR Video editing. I usually film small skateboard and snowboard/ski edits so the clips aren't huge or anything, and are pretty easy to render already. I use Adobe Premiere CS6 and sometimes Sony Vegas Pro 12.

I'll also be doing some game emulation, specifically with Dolphin Emu for some gamecube and wii games I've really been wanting to play again.

I should probably also note that I'll code a little on this computer (Python, C) but none of this is super high stress stuff, I'm still learning so I doubt that it's a factor to consider.

Finally, I should note that I plan to dual boot linux (either mint or kubuntu). I usually do my daily computing on linux and use windows for specialty programs and games.

I'm trying to save money so rather than getting a video editing PC and a console, I've tried to group all my needs/wants.

The reason I choose an intel i3 CPU over a more affordable AMD FX-6300 is because it is supposed to offer better overall performance for both emulation and video editing. However if that can be proven wrong I'm happy to change to AMD. The reason I chose the GTX 660 was because I can get it at the same price as a GTX 650 at around $140, so may as well, plus nvidia cards seem to work better in linux, at least in my experience.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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  1. 2 things, 1: it's best to go with 2 4 GB than 1 8 GB that way it's more balanced. 2: you could run that system on a 500 watt PSU, the one mistake I see most with first time pc builds is going overkill on the watts. Also I prefer Seagate hardrives, but that's just preference, I also prefer Corsair RAM.
  2. Yeah this is a nice build. It will play all the upcoming major game titles at least for the next 2-3 years. Its better to go with 2x4 gb ram and get a 500 watt gold rated power supply.
  3. Perfect, so I can go a bit lower on the PSU, save some money and divy up the ram. The mobo and case are all good then?
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    PPPEVE said:
    Perfect, so I can go a bit lower on the PSU, save some money and divy up the ram. The mobo and case are all good then?

    Yep, the rest is fine.
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