Is it worth buying Windows 8?

Hello there! This Christmas i'm hoping to upgrade my CPU and motherboard. I have been told that I will have to get a new operating system. At the moment I am very happy with Windows 7 and like where everything is on it. But as I need to buy a new OS should I consider spending a tiny bit more and getting windows 8? I use my PC for gaming in general so i really need the OS which is best for that purpose. Also could you suggest which one I should buy?

Many Thanks
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  1. 8 will get supported longer, drivers first, new printers/scanners/etc will come out with 8 drivers and maybe 7, maybe. I find it fine, game on it, do rendering, all kinds of things and it rocks for me. Install ClassicShell, it's free and you get your desktop back, start button, boot to desktop, looks just like 7 with all the speed improvements of 8.
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    There's no appreciable difference in gaming between Win7 and Win8. I suppose if you can stand the crappy phone-like interface of Win8, that would be the way to go. But you may want to read this first about possible mouse issues in gaming:

    Also, this is the very respected's Koroush Ghazi's experience with Win8:
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