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I have one DVD movie which does not play on my DVD player. When I put the disk in, the trailers automatically play and they play just fine. But as soon I start the main feature on the disk, the DVD player just stops. It is as if the DVD is trying to read the disk but then automatically stops. The disk and all its content play perfectly on my PC. I returned the disc to the store from where I bought it and replaced it with another. The same thing happened - the trailers play as does the logo of the movie studio but not the main feature. I even went so far as buy another DVD of the same movie from a different store and it too has the same problem. All my other DVD's play without a hitch, except this one. Can anybody give me a reason for this?
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  1. When a DVD is mastered it can be done in such as way that your player cannot read properly. You may need to do a firmware upgrade on your DVD player in order to play that particular disc (and others). Check the makes website and see if there are any available. Good to do this periodically to keep the machine up to date. Bluray players have internet access and can be updated directly.
  2. Your DVD player is probably Broken. All my DVDs play just fine. My Angry Birds toons Season one volume one DVD however is scratched up. But the good news is. it only messes up on Episode 9.
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