What display does my TV provide?

panasonic viera tx-l32u3b

Just curious whether or not it is 1080p, I really hope it is.
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  1. Your TV supports 1080p through HDMI.
  2. P1nnacle said:
    Your TV supports 1080p through HDMI.

    Thanks a lot! Just need some more help though. What is a HDMI? When I connect my xbox, I use coloured wires: Red, white and yellow and for the next set of holes I use Green, blue and red

    Any Idea what they are for? I assumed it was Hd?
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    HDMI is a separate cable that combines all of the component cables (RYW/RGB) into one singular cable. Any electronics store will be able to sell them to you. If your TV has the RGB additional component cable ports, you can use that for a lower standard of HD, either 720p or 1080i.
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