EVGA Gtx 650 ti BOOST superclocked 2gb VS MSI Radeon 7850 Twin Frozr 2gb

Hey guys!
As the title says, which one is better? Please explain!
Thanks! :)
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  1. In some benchmarks I've seen, the 650ti-B was better in some games than the 7850. I'm not sure about what "superclocked" really does for it, but assuming it boosted it's performance even more, then that would be nice. They are close, so just go for either the cheaper one, or if you want a specific feature (like nvidia supports physX for example where amd does not). I have a 650ti-b and it does everything I need it to and it was fairly cheap.
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    Even better here is an in-depth look at both cards, just read both articles all the way and make a decision.


  3. The deal breaker.

    $145 The 650ti-b SC comes with $75 in game coupons (for games you might not want)

    $110 after rebate The 7850 comes with 2 free games (maybe you don't need)

    The better price for performance is the 7850, but the 650ti-b SC is a better card. Is it worth $30? You decide.
  4. hmm.. if you were to pick, which one would you get?
  5. Haha, well I already have a 650ti-boost :P I wanted Nvidia for the power consumption and lower heat. Then again the prices weren't so different when I got mine. Honestly it depends on your budget. Are these two cards special or can you get any card with xxx amount of money?
  6. Well yes haha, according to my budget which is $140-180(Max) for a gpu. And these two cards seem to be the best for my budget.

    If I may ask, do you game on that card? If so what games do you play and can you tell me the settings you play them on c:
  7. Diablo 3 MAX settings, League of Legends MAX settings, BF4 1600x900 med (high textures) all at 60fps to name a few. For your budget though... There is a better option.

    Get a regular 660. A 650-ti boost is just a 660 with some shaders disabled. This fits in your price range at $170 after rebate.

    And it's the Twin Frozr cooling system, which works great. (I used to have a TFrozr card.)

    1. Future SLI, 2x 660 is way better than 2x 650ti-boost.
    2. This card can OC further, if you are willing to do the research and OC it yourself you can get a lot more performance from it.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Niceeee, just what i wanted to hear.. <3 Maxed League of Legends at 60fps *_*!

    EDIT: Forgot to thank you! THANKSSSS
  9. Edible21 said:
    Niceeee, just what i wanted to hear.. <3 Maxed League of Legends at 60fps *_*!

    EDIT: Forgot to thank you! THANKSSSS

    Disable v-sync or sync all frame you'll end up @100-110fps minimum drop to 70fps averaging @80-85fps.

    But hopefully it's the boost that we are talking about. I been to your situation before. I choose 7850 but returned it one the same day because of screen flickering during dark scenes of most games. I get the boost and holaaa! Exceeds my expectation.

    But next week for 50 bucks I'll trade my boost to r9 270x and will see what it can offer. :) they said its like 7870 if not better
  10. ive seen the 7870LE(tahiti chip) recently for $140 and 7950's for $160 which would destroy both the 650TIboost/7850 in performance. but between just the two the 7850 is the far better deal and at 1080p your never going to see a difference of maybe 2-3fps which isn't a deal breaker. just get the one that costs less. but if you have a budget and want to get the most out of your budget.... get a 7950 for sure. black friday is next week... there will be plenty of cards on sale.
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