Graphics cards for 1440x900 gaming.

I made a few threads around here the other day asking about a few builds i had been looking at getting and i decided, hey. I'll get a PS4 and buy a few components each month and slowly build the PC that way. So, im starting with the GFX card. My current specs are:

AMD FX-4100 3.6 GHz
4 GB Ram
ati 6570
550w PSU

I will be gaming at 1440x900 so not an extreme resolution and i am willing to go to £130 at the most. I'd like to run the most modern games on highish settings with 40/50+ FPS

I have seen a few cards within my budget and have a few questions. The cards are: GTX 650, 650TI and finally at the top end a Gigabyte 660 2 gb OC windforce.

For the resolution im playing at i think that the 660 may be a little overkill? And could save some money by getting the 650/650 ti? Also, if you think Radeon cards are any better around that price im willing to listen! Im not too good with them brand cards. Thanks for reading!
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  1. Hi, I used to play at 1440x900 with a 660 and I got about 50-60+fps on bf3 for example with high/ultra settings.

    However I would expect that a 660 would most likely be bottle necked by your cpu so maybe you would be better just getting 650ti or 7850 which should do fine in most games at high settings. That is unless you were planning to upgrade soon, then the 660 is a great choice now.
  2. SOme other forums are saying a 7790 Would be a good choice aswell? But, yeah i may just get the 660 ^^
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